They are 2 and 4. What's Your Excuse?

A women gave me a talking-to on the plane last night because my children were talking. Not fussing, not kicking the back of her seat (and don't think I didn't will them to do it later in the flight!), or even being cranky or over excited. Just talking too loudly, which they were not even doing, I couldn't properly hear my four year old two seats away. I think they were just talking too much for her taste.

Yes, they do have those sharp little voices, and they were right next to her ears, but really, that was before it hit the fan and they got tired and a bit fussy. And here she was looking over her shoulder, taking off her headphones to check how loud they were (umm, we're interfering with your TV enjoyment? How about just increase the volume?) and turning around to shush them.

After my husband took the girls off the plane I was ready to ask if anyone had nail clippers I could borrow to hack the seatbelts apart since my hand was grated raw from trying to reach inside of the car seats and unclip them. And then another passenger came up to commend my exemplary parenting and compliment me on my children, and I got some help with the car seats from a flight attendant that was very nice and told me she was well aware and sorry for how we had been treated.

So there she was again in Baggage Claim. I am not confrontational but it had to be said, especially in front of her family that came to pick her up.

Me: "Excuse me, you might like to know that I got an apology from a member of the flight crew for your rudeness, and I just wanted you to know that I am not the only one that thinks my children behaved well and you behaved badly."


madmommy said...

I am so glad you spoke up to her. There are too many people who feel that children should be absolutely silent or they're misbehaving. Kids make some noise, and an airplane is a noisy place anyhow!
My 16mo old let out a screech at the store the other day. He does not scream like some children...this was an isolated screech that made even me jump. The 80 yr old woman we were next to turned to me with a look and said with extreme drama, "He almost gave me a heart attack!" Like I can control a freak outburst!
You parent on!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - good for you! And so poliely done too! Exemplary standing up for yourself and you kids!

Could I have used any more exclamation marks?!

Melissa said...

OMG! You are so cool! Although my husband thought you were way to nice about it. I love how you confronted her in front of other people - hopefully she felt like a heel. Serves her right!

I am such a nonconfrontational person too, unless someone has a beef with my husband or kids. I went off on a very persnickety woman in the grocery store once because she rolled her eyes at my husband (long story). He said he never knew that side of me existed.

Don't mess with a mom, is what I say!

kirsten said...

what a lame lady. i HATE people like that - drives me nuts - esp. as i have a special needs kiddo that can't control himself- let alone me control him. rude people suck.

(just found your blog -linked from 3pinktrees, i think -will be back!)