You'll Have to Take My Word for It

Sorry, no pictures today, or for the next few day, I have technical limitations right now.

Here is what I have been up to craftwise in the past four days:

Sew Bunny Halloween costume hat for my 2 year old in a couple of hours. Not satisfied to make just the hat, pull out some striped stretch knit and sew a t-shirt for my 4 year old, so that's two projects start to finish in one day. Ok, technically, I need to make the body of the Halloween costume so I'm only half done with that project.

Cast on Backyard Leaves scarf, knit 2 pattern repeats, notice on one row that I knit where I should have purled. Frog 10 rows, start re-knitting. Notice I am mis-interpreting the chart even though I have already made this scarf twice in the past year. Frog the whole thing and start over, knit one pattern repeat.

Sew pajama pants for both girls, then decide that the scraps would make perfect matching travel pillows (travel you say? I'll give you a hint, I will be going to a fabric store and a yarn store that are both on the same block and have the same name!)

Posting may be spotty over the next few days but I hope to have pictures of the above mentioned objects and more by early next week.

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