Washington...Yer Face

Does anybody remember back before state abbreviations were two letters? I think it was changed before I was born but I remember people still using the four letter abbreviation (I know, showing my age!) for our state which was Wash. Fascinating stuff, right? I know you don't come here for the trivia, I'm talking to you my loyal 4 subscribers, but don't worry I'll tie this in to a project in just a sec.

A few weeks back the Yarn Harlot mentioned in her blog that she was given knitted washcloths of Texas and at least one other state. She considered what it would take to collect all 50 states. I thought to myself that it might be fun to chart and knit one of those for her and then I promptly forgot to do anything about it.

Then last night I remembered that I was going to the reading today at Third Place Books and I figured I could still take a stab at it. I found the Texas washcloth pattern and worked out a chart.

It was knit on the way to a party, when I locked myself in the bathroom at the party to knit (there was a lineup when I came out, eep!) and when I got home from the party, really a very quick knit.

There is something about giving a present to someone with some level of celebrity that's a little...what? Odd? Stalker-ish? I know, but then it's not like I'm throwing my underwear at Tom Jones or anything. I don't really expect to have a real exchange with her, in fact I think that would be pretty awkward. Just a quick "Here ya go" and I'm out of there. I'm not exactly charming with people I don't know. It's funny that my friends and coworkers don't realize that I'm actually pretty shy.

The knitting was fast and easy. I did adjust the chart a little as I went to get the look I was going for, and I will provide a chart if anyone is interested? I'm guessing it's has pretty limited appeal. It might be fun to make a bunch of these with your own chart, it could be His & Hers washcloth or a monogram or your favorite character.

about $1 worth of Sugar 'n Cream cotton color 00004 (made in Canada naturally!), size 7 Clover bamboo needles, circulars because those were the only 7's not tied up in a project.

The fabric in the background is from Superbuzzy of course


Stephanie said...

The washcloth is beautiful Sasha, and not at all stalkerish.
I love it.

Anonymous said...

i want a whole set!!!-
emily clevercastle