Making Lunch Taste Even Better

This project was started yesterday at the sewing bee and finished in the wee hours of the night. It's a lunchbag for my 5 year old, though I would have been happy to keep it if she wasn't into it. I love the Japanese fairytale fabric, and I love it combined with the dot fabric.

I basted a layer of insulating material, the kind you use to make potholders, to the wrong side of the lining before I sewed it up, which adds structure to the bag. I wanted to use ties to close the bag but I decided that the elastic loop/button closure would be easier for little hands.

The lunchmat is about 12 by 11 inches, and it's meant to be folded, and see the polka dots on the back, I love that detail. I skipped adding a closure because it really doesn't even need one and I didn't feel like fiddling with ties. There is an almost identical but larger picnic mat in the Lotta Jansdotter book.

No promises, but I do think I will be making more lunchbags or purse type objects, this was super-fast.

Pattern from Japanese "Heartwarming Life Series" lunchbag book, ISBN#4529042642
brown Kona cotton
Amy Butler Lotus Collection camel/full moon polka dot fabric
Cosmo Fairytale three bears fabric
elastic loop and button closure
insulating material
Bambu brand utensils


Felicia said...

What a beautiful lunchbox!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

This is too, too cute :-)

If I thought that my children would allow me to make them lunchboxes, I would. But Barbie and Superman trump me each time!

nuttnbunny said...


I'm adding that book to my cart right this minute. Funny, I have a simple lunch sack cut out for Z right now. Just a plain sack with gussets. Hopefully I'll post it soon.

Ali said...

I would so love to eat my lunch from something this cute! Hooray for your beautiful handiwork.

Jen said...

Oh, so cute! You can just chuck it in the washing machine, right? Does that potholder stuff help keep things cold? I've been wanting to make lunchboxes for a while now, and now I'm so inspired!

tiennie said...

That is very cool!

Meg said...

This is really cute! All of your great sewing projects are making me excited to get started on some sewing!