Midnight Toddler Tops

I purchased yet another Japanese crafting book yesterday, this one is patterns for girl's clothes. Go to Shim and Sons to see images from the book (thanks Sally Shim for the nudge to get me to buy this book!) I love the Japanese-French aesthetic, so very cool.

Given that I felt the need to prove that I was going to *use* these crafting books for something, plus being excited to make something, I immediately started tracing a pattern and made a top in two sizes.

Japanese Sewing pattern books come with full scale patterns and detailed diagrams indicating the order the seams are sewn. The seam allowances are noted in centimeters. It's almost foolproof, once you decode the sizes and figure out which parts you need to trace from the overlapping pieces on the pattern sheet.

People often ask me when I find time to craft, and the golden hours last night were 10:30-12:30.

See how drawstring runs through and gathers the front and over one shoulder and gathers the back and ties in a bow on the other shoulder? It really is the little details in these simple patterns that make them so darling.


Ms. Brazil said...

Honto ni kawaiiiiiii!!!

sally said...

SO sweet! I just traced a pattern this afternoon and hope to work on it tonight. [I'm modifying one of the tops for myself!] So glad you bought the book.

Sasha said...

Ms Brazil,
Arigato! I think they are cute too!

Amanda said...

Those are very cute tops. I could definitely see my little girl in one of those. Check this tops for toddler girls.