I found myself wandering an antique mall, which I haven't done in ages as I don't need to drag home more stuff. But I was there and I found this.

I know, what is it? Well, it's a vintage Prang Stencil Kit, essentially a set of pre-punched stencils along the same lines as Freezer Paper Stencils with instructions and some scary toxic paint. There are some 2-part and 3-part stencils (see the apple and flower image above, the stencils to make it are shown in the picture below..) that are just fabulous. I feel really inspired to mark up some things.

Also, I made another rubber stamp, a kitty cat, inspired by an illustration in a Margaret Wise-Brown book, The Summer Noisy Book. If you like kids books, check out The Little Island and The Wonderful House, those are really great reads,

Speedball Speed Stamp kit (I need smaller blades for better detail. don't look too closely at the missing eye portion that I accidentally cut away. I also need more stamp pads or at least a re-inking!)

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