I guess that these are technically bunnies, but they have a little bit of a bear vibe going. It only took me about two months to finish these two. Considering the first one I made came together in 24 hours, well, this is pitiful slow.

Little sister loves hers. But when did my five year old become such a critic? "Momma, one leg is bigger, and the eyes are crooked." Yes, it's all true, ah well, I'm no genius at crochet, much less the embroidered face, but I hope that the cute factor helps pull it off.

Pattern from this book, miscellaneous scrap yarn, blue button eyes, embroidered face


Jessica said...

Ooo, they can be such little nit-pickers, can't they? Just tell her that her sister would be happy to take it. That usually shuts them up. ;)

nuttnbunny said...

Tell her that excessive critical attention to detail causes one leg to grow longer than the other. ;-)

Gina said...

The cutest!