Girls in Hats

Yesterday I happened across a 70% off fabric store closing sale, so I had to stop in and pick up a hat pattern for about five bucks and a few spools of thread. Yes, I did show remarkable restraint didn't I? The pattern is for a bucket hat, and it was sized for infants, so I figured the largest size might fit a toddler.

A smarter person than myself might have measured their heads, but it was nap time so I had to take advantage of the opportunity to start sewing. In fact, they are large but not unwearable. (My husband's comment on the size: I thought you were making them for yourself.) I love the fabrics, both of which I had in the stash, at least one of which came from Stitches. I lined them with the same fabrics so they are almost reversible.

The pattern was easy, though I didn't like the hand finishing for the lining. I might like to rework this pattern if I make it again, and I think I could use it for myself if I lengthened the crown just a bit since the largest size just about fits me.

Weren't they accommodating, they stopped jumping in the bed long enough to take this picture? (Note that the hats don't actually cover their whole faces, it's just how they are posed.)

Butterick pattern 4531, view F, in size XL, less then 1/2 yard fabric for each, the only notions required were thread and interfacing.


Suzannie said...

Sasha, the hats are fantastico. They may be the magical "calm down" hats for the girls! Glad that Ms. Brazil (aka Susan Belle Monde) has tuned in to your site - she is getting into some righteous Canadian thrifting up north.
AND... so sorry you had to throw out your shoes - made me look twice at some of mine with quiet contemplation as to what they had tread upon.

Sasha said...

Suzannie, thanks so much! And I was due for new shoes so no worries. Ms. Brazil is an intriguing mystery woman to me, since it's been so long (Canada? The Professor? Children?) I wish her the best. Really, shoes are gross, that's why I don't wear them indoors. BTW, it's already been ages, and I loved the vacation pics. XOXO