I was walking with my girls to catch the bus home yesterday and my foot accidentally kicked a used tampon. Did you get that? A used tampon. In the middle of the sidewalk. So I did what anyone would do, I went home and threw away my shoes.


Ms. Brazil said...

Hi Sasha. Suzanne showed me your site. I love it! I'm going to read it every day. Here's my Canadian ramble-fest:
user:beach password: boys Bye! Susan

Sasha said...

Susan! Well lady, I don't even promise to change my underwear every day, much less post something new, but you are welcome to be a regular reader of my craft/crap log. See you, Sasha

Susan said...

How about Crapht? Nicely combines crap and craft, but with less key strokes. Had to make a joke now, didn't I? Couldn't resist.