Happy couple

Behold, my first attempt at carved rubber stamps, start to finish in less than an hour. This soft rubber cuts easily, so less force is required than linoleum cuts, which reduces the hand-gouging potential making it well-suited to a girl that's never had a tetanus shot. Sure, my stamp is rustic but I like it.

Speedball Speed Stamp carving set, pattern inspired by an embroidery design in a Japanese crafting book.


maggiegracecreates said...

I love the stamp on the card with my magic yarn ball. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

So curious as to how someone like me can make a rubber stamp myself?? Any suggestions? What sort of soft rubber did you use? Cute ideas!

Sasha said...

I used the Speedball Speed Stamp kit, it comes with the soft pink rubber block for carving, the carving tool, and 2 blades, it less that $10, I forget the exact price. It's usually in the same section of the store as linoleum carving supplies.

The blades aren't all that small so it's hard to do fine detail. It's a good starter set for making a few stamps, but you may want to invest in some additional blades, and pretty soon you'll need more rubber blocks. It's probably good to get some wooden blocks to mount the stamps to, but I haven't found any yet, but I think it would help my larger stamps to print more evenly.

Some people carve erasers, so you could try that too.

A tip: freezing the rubber makes it firm up and might make carving easier for fine lines.

Hope that help!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!!

i'll start trying things out...i'll let you know how my craft skills go! :)