Mummy, mummy, what's that stuff...

...It looks like strawberry jam.

It's canning weather, right? Pushing 90 degrees out, so what you want to do is hold your arm over a simmering pot for an hour for three little jars of sweet tasty goodness.

Gelling point is boiling water temperature plus 8 degrees, so I spent the whole time going, "Boiling water is 212...right?...I should look it up...no I know it's 212...why won't this thermometer move past 181?...I'm aiming for 220?..Is that right?" I finally went with the "it's sheeting off the spoon" eyeball-it method.

It is exceptionally thick and sweet. We polished off the extra bits scraped off the jam pot on this morning's toast and I am tempted to open a jar but it seems too precious. Next batch will be with pectin for something a little less like candy, don't get me wrong, I like candy but it's not really toddler food.

recipe from Ball Blue Book, two quarts of crushed organic strawberries from Broers Farms U-Pick, I don't want to say how much organic sugar, pint jars, water bath canning method boiled for 15 minutes

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