No crafting this time, just an attempt to get in on international swapping action, check it out:

Gimme Your Stuff

I can swap:

American magazines (mostly smaller and unusual titles like Bust, Utne, music titles), tell me what you like and I may be able to get it

Pacific Northwest regional stuff? Native American themed items? Space Needle figurines? Smoked Salmon?

Or something real American like trucker caps? Pork rinds?

Chalkboard cloth? (I am really excited about finding this) imagine drawing with chalk on a pocket that you sew onto your dress, or making a chalboard tablecloth or placemats, the possibilities are endless.

What I like..
Japanese cotton print fabrics. Some of my favorites: Etsuko Balance, Cosmo FairyTale, linen with hedgehogs, Time Capsule (Yumiko Tanaka) Friends. Striped or patterned bias tape

Japanese craft magazines (embroidery, crochet, sewing stuffed animals and kid's clothes)

Japanese candy

Dutch wooden shoes for kids

Old East German wooden figurines

French wooden toys, linens, Tintin stuff


Jenn said...

Hi, I saw your comment about swapping on my LJ (muscatlove), and sure, I'd be interested in doing a swap. I can definitely get you some fabric, although as a warning: character prints are expensive and heavy (I think about $8/meter), so I'm not sure how much I can send without both the fabric and shipping costing a fortune. I can usually find some pre-cut plainer Japanese style prints bundled for $5 if you're not overly picky. If you let me know if there are specific colors or lengths you are interested in, I will stop by some local fabric stores and see what I can find. :) Japanese pattern books also tend to range around $10+ per book, but I can keep an eye out - I just warn you that if you can't read Japanese you might have a hard time with the patterns since there's not usually many pictures. Let me know what you're most interested in and I will sort it out. Candy is easy, so that part is taken care of.

As for your end of the swap, I'd love some postcards of Seattle, and since you mentioned it.. I adore BUST magazine and can't get it at all in Japan. XD;; Anything you mentioned is fine, I'm not too picky. ^^ If you send me an email at perosquared at gmail.com, we can sort out addresses. Thanks! ;)

lizzy said...

hey i would love to trade some mags for some fabric from singapore. let me know!

lizzy said...

literary mags or mags like bust, ready made, kitchen sink.
vintage clothes/postcards/photos. stuff like that. :)

email me? we'll work something out.


Craft Princess said...

Hi Sasha!

Greetings from Singapore. I'm Alvina and I would love to swap with you. I can get all things Japanese especially chocolates, candies, Hello Kitty, foodstuff, and magazines. Looking forward to your reply.


Anonymous said...

Would you be interested to swap with me?

Anonymous said...

Would you be interested to swap with me?