Have you ever tried to wrestle a two year old into an outfit? It's like washing a cat. (I used to work at a pet grooming shop so I know of what I speak.) That's the way it goes each time I make clothes for her, she doesn't want anything to do with it at first, so no modeled shots. This jumper is made with Japanese linen ladybug fabric shown in my earlier post, Eye Candy for a macro shot.

I used a 70s pattern that I just purchased on eBay for a couple of bucks. This project was started on Monday night and completed Tuesday night. I added a lining not specified with the pattern because the upper facing would shine through too much as the fabric is a little thin, and I wanted it to have a little body to it. Given our 90+ degree heatwave (really, with humidity and no air conditioning it is HOT!) the lining probably makes this Fall wear, oh well, a back to school outfit then.

My best sewing effort to date, not that I am satisfied with my skills, but then I suppose it's a little like knitting, a lot of baby steps until you get reasonably good at it. Sewing gives me a great deal of anxiety, but the payoff is quick. And I need that with my current limited attention span. I lengthened it by about 2 inches because I thought that it looked short in the pattern illustration (which could have been faulty reasoning.) I suppose measuring it against my daughter's dresses would have been the smart way to go, but the length worked out just right.

This is only my second real attempt at buttonholes and my first attempt on my current machine, gifted to me by my generous and indulging husband. Oh, is that what those settings and foot are for, buttonholes? A quick read of the machine manual and it's surprising how easy-peasy it really is! Now if only I could say the same of zippers.

One yard of Japanese linen fabric, Butterick pattern #5100 view D in size 3, brown lining, buttons salvaged from my favorite 40s sundress with cotton fabric so brittle it nearly disintegrated.


marianne said...

This dress and this fabric is just gorgeous..and you have to love a machine that can do buttonholes(and a husband that gives one to you....)

Leena said...

This is so beautiful, you did a great job!
The fabric is adorable - can you get japanese fabric and craft books where you live?

Sasha said...

Thanks for both of the nice comments, I am really thrilled with how it came out!

Leena, it is not possible to get much Japanese fabric here, but there are some sources online.

(some Japanese fabrics including some lovely Etsuko fabrics sold by the yard)

(a fabulous selection sold by the quarter yard, and quite expensive, plus some crafting books)

I can get crafting books locally at Kinokuniya. I try not to go too crazy.

Check out Crafting Japanese for sources and info about ordering from Japanese sites: