One Little Acorn

I know, it's been about a week since I posted any actual crafting. I did my best to distract you with other fun things, but here's a little something.

It's another onesie for a friend that is expecting. I can't say if my applique is durable (probably not) but it was fun coming up with the method. It's not stellar embroidery, but I kinda like the rustic charm of it, and there is something about a jaunty oak leaf that makes me smile.

Assorted fabric scraps, pattern making material, Steam-to-Seam (way better results than Wonder Under), Carter Onesie size 3 months, cotton embroidery thread, inspired by an illustration in Babybug magazine.


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My daughter is expecting her first baby and I am painting, now, an onesi for her too. When i finish I would like you to see it.
Yours is very cute!!!