That moment when you look at a whole day's worth of knitting and go, huh, why aren't those mirrored decreases? Oh crud, because I did not pay enough attention. Rip, rip, rip, start over. Sigh.



These little pompoms keep multiplying, like Tribbles :)



Oh hello, my little blog, it's been so long! I have been making things, but not posting. But here's a little something I made this morning, from a Japanese crafting book of pompoms. I am sure that I am missing a lot in the instructions, but the diagrams give the basic gist of wrapping the yarn to make an apple, a burger, a flower, a Russian nesting doll, and more. I am slightly obsessed. This is the second apple I made, and it possibly got a better haircut than the first. That's the main thing I figured out, cut, cut, cut, and cut some more, it really does improve the look. Here's hoping that I will be back soon.



I keep the eggs from my chickens out on the counter, do you?
It appears that three of the hens have started laying this week, so what we have here five days of eggs, minus a few for breakfast. Good chickens!


We Have Eggs

They arrive in the mail. You feed them, you give them treats, and then that funny day comes when they give you something back. Eggs! The first to lay was Elmer the Silkie almost exactly a month ago, with cute tiny brown eggs. She has laid an egg almost ever day since then. And then today I go out and what do I find in the nesting box? A much bigger olive green egg! It's from Clover the Easter Egger. My funny giant chicken that greedily hops on my arm for food each morning. Today's eggs: Elmer's on the left and Clover's on the right. Now I am really curious to see when the other three start laying…


Mark Those Books

I didn't plan any Christmas crafting this year. I feel a bit overwhelmed and I did not want to add any stress. Even though I have tons of ideas for projects. And even though I know just the thing for my husband and for both of my girls.

But...I find myself four days before the big day wanting to make something. So here's the little something I made with supplies that I had around the house. A plan would have saved some time, and yes, there are wonky spots. But I do like these new bookmarks. And both of my girls are avid readers and they are always in need of a bookmark to save the page in their latest chapter book or six hundred page Little Lulu comic books.

These are about 2 x 10 inches, and do have a layer in the middle to make them stiff, I forget what that material is called, but I have used it to add stiffness to a purse.


A Glimpse of the Garden

I am really enjoying the garden this year. I hired my sister to make some raised beds in my sunny front parking strip, and the plants, though they were started late, are growing amazingly well. I haven't had a lot of success with vegetables, so this is pretty satisfying.

I hope that the Brandywine tomatoes ripen by October, or before they totally topple over the tomato cages. My husband optimistically planted a watermelon plant, and we now have one melon about the size of my fist. This odd long spiky cucumber is a volunteer plant. I started some snap peas last week. I think it's not too late for this year? We have two pumpkins turning orange, and a bunch of little green pumpkins. The strawberries are putting out tons of runners and I am rooting them into pots.

I also have more tomatoes, pickling cukes, onions, red orach, kale, carrots, potatoes, and a bunch of other plants. There are cabbages that I started from seed last week. Now I am trying to think of what else I can get started before the frost.