Aw, I Shouldn't Have!

In the previous decade, when I had the lovely taught porcelain skin of a 20 year old, I, for one reason or another, rubbed aloe gel all over my face. For moisturizing purposes. Right before I had to leave for my job serving lattes and pea salad. I had an immediate reaction, and my skin turned red and welted up. I called work and told them that I wasn't going to enhance the food service. They threatened my job. I insisted and stayed home. I repeated the experiment on my day off with the same result. Since then I practiced strict avoidance. I had a close call when someone offered me some juice at a trade show. Do you know people actually drink the stuff? Recently I have noticed that a few of my skin products contain aloe and I have not had a dramatic reaction, but still, I wasn't going to go rolling around in the stuff.

But did you know there is a sock yarn impregnated with Aloe and Jojoba? It makes your hands feel soft as you knit, and it lasts many washes and moisturizes your feet. It's inexplicable, but I saw this yarn in Chicago and had to pick up a ball. And no reaction so far, whew.

Now that they're done and I just couldn't bear to give away this pair. See those cables? Yummy. And do you know, I have worked with cables, but this is my first finished cable project. Umm...darn it though, I realized a ways into the second sock that I had intended to mirror the cable and instead I matched it. Sigh. And after I went to the trouble of breaking the yarn a ways into the ribbing so that I could adjust the striping to make the socks all matchy. And I am not used to making stockinette socks and I noticed the tiniest bit of laddering but a little adjusting of stitches from needle to needle and problem solved. Still I love these, so squishy and yay, a Mother's Day present for me of the very best sort, finished this morning! And I did give my mom some socks too.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Austermann Step
Simply Ginny Socks, pattern loosely followed
Bamboo DPNs Us sizes 1 1/2 & 2
20 days, start to finish


Jessica said...

Very sweet socks. Happy mother's day.

Rebecca said...

I am in love with these socks and have cast on to make my own. How many yards did you end up using?

Ms. BrAZiL said...

I have a friend who is convinced that Aloe Vera juice is the new wonder drug. I have the same extreme and unpredictable reaction to Mango stuff. Nice sox!!

Jen said...

Oh, but you should be so glad you did. These look great! I love those colors.

amanda said...

cute socks! look for my knock off version of those socks coming soon.
want to go to whole foods tonight?

Jeanne said...

Pretty socks!!