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Want a chance at winning a drop spindle? Keep reading...

Today I stopped at the grocery store (even though I was already 2 hours late for work) and rolled my tire into a gap and landed with one of my shocks resting on the curb and a tire off the ground. I was trapped until AAA could come. It was one of those moments that I was so grateful for emergency knitting and I didn't even get a bit frustrated.

In the spirit of gratitude and in celebration of two years of blogging, I offering my drop spindle and some wooly goodness as a prize to one lucky reader.

To enter for a chance to win, please:

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite color. And share your feelings about bacon, pro or con. And tell me your current knitting pattern crush, if you have one.

Fine Print: Winner will be chosen randomly. Wool shown may or may not be the same as wool included in prize package. If you leave an anonymous comment you will not be included in the contest. Contest will end in a couple of days when I remember to close the comments.


Jen said...

Happy blog birthday!

I love emergency knitting. I'll happily wait for hours if I've got knitting on hand.

My thoughts about bacon? Do people actually have thoughts about bacon? I mostly just want bacon, but if I am forced to ponder the stuff: I prefer to buy the small, expensive packages of thick-cut stuff and have just two slices. Unless we're talking about BLTs, and then thin is fine, but I feel a minimum of four slices is necessary. And it should definitely be crispy. If I'm eating bacon with breakfast, I enjoy it more with pancakes or French toast or some other opportunity for syrup-bacon cross contamination, but I'm quite happy to eat it with eggs and potatoes too. I had a bacon hash at a restaurant recently, and I was unimpressed. Far too much bacon. Is it illegal to say that?

And my favorite color is blue. That robin's egg shade.

Jessica said...

Pro. Very pro.
Stackable Cats.

Noa said...

Happy blog anniversary! I've been reading you for a while, and enjoy it very much, so I wish you (and me) many many more years of blogging.
I am moderatly pro-bacon, but it's absolutly essential in a burger... which only then become a GOOD burger...
My favorite color would be any color on the burnt orange to red continuum...

Jeanne said...

My current favorite color is red. Or in the pretty pink zone.

I love bacon. And I don't technically eat pork. But, I think of bacon as the gateway food. I've known vegetarians who eat bacon. It's just that good.

My current knitting crush is the Baltic Sea Stole. I've been wanting to knit it forever.

Grace said...

Hi! I have been lurking for a while (found you through Jessica's blog). Is it lame to de-lurk for a prize? Oh, well, so sue me!

Anyway, my favorite color. If you look through my stash, it would be reds/pinks but I LOVE the color of my green Honda Element, too. But, if I had to choose, I would have to say reds/pinks.

YES to bacon! Especially applewood cured. YUM!

My latest obsession is not a pattern per se, but I have just discovered stranded knitting (did the cables, lace, etc.) and Elizabeth Zimmerman, so you know where that will take me. Have already made a bulky scandinavian sweater (with my first steeks!) and am anxiously waiting for my yarn for a EZ percenage yoked sweater!

Yippie for emergency knitting!

tiennie said...

No entry from me. Just wanted to wish you a happy blogiversary!

But yes, for me, on bacon. I'm sorry to the vegetarians out there!

JQ said...

Happy Blogversary yo.

I am flaky with my favorite colors as they shift almost daily, but today I am very fond of Creamsicle orange. Mmmm. Color reminds me of food ALWAYS. :)

BACON! BACON! Oh how I love the Bacon! Two of my favorite commercials... The Wendy's Baconator commercial, and that one where the dog smells the Real Bacon treats and thinks they are real bacon.

As for favorite knitting patterns I have this aspiration to knit a rectangular shawl this fall, with some hand carded/dyed/spun Alpaca fleece. The Shawl pattern is called "Legends of the Shetland Seas", which I first saw in the spring issue of Spin Off magazine, done in the most beautiful autumn colors.

Sheers n Beers,
JQ @ HeartsOnFibre

Anonymous said...

Happy blogibirthday! My favorite color is apple green. I am a vegetarian, so obviously I am con bacon, but I secretly like the smell of it cooking. It reminds me of my childhood, I guess. Sometimes I get the fake-o stuff and make a blt with it. Yum. But I don't think I could ever eat it again because pigs are just too darn adorable.
My current pattern crush is Whit's Knits' Evening Shrug from Purlbee: http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2008/4/23/whits-knits-evening-shrug.html Actually, we're in love, I have the yarn already. I'm glad I discovered your blog. I'm in the Seattle area, too.

nicole said...

Woohoo, happy bloggiversary!

I'm conflicted about bacon. Bacon is the reason that I fall off the veggie wagon about once or twice a year. Or more specifically, bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. I cannot resist, even though I try. You could say that I'm cro/pron bacon.

Neutrals like grey or cream, and soft blues and aquas are some of my favourite colours at the moment.

KimW said...

I learned my lesson about emergency knitting when my daughter had to be rushed to the hospital for an allergic reaction. She recovered very quickly but had to be observed for hours, and I realized the extent of my "obsession" when the first thing she said to me was "I'm sorry you don't have any knitting, Mom"! Now I keep a project right in my bag at all times. So, you want to know about three of my favorite things -- colors, knitting projects and food! I have tried to branch out more, but I seem to be stuck on soft, dusty shades of greens and blues. I love the look of bright colors, but they are just not "me". The knitting project I can't stop thinking about is socks, socks, socks. I've got the pattern/construction down, but I am still hoping to complete a pair that are fit to be worn in public! And about the bacon -- have you seen the bags of already-cooked bacon crumbles? What a great invention. The bag says 30% less fat, and I hope they are not kidding, because I have been sprinkling them on salads, in quiches, on my oatmeal (just kidding!). I feel like I'm getting the yummy, salty flavor of bacon without eating too much of it, but all those sprinkles are probably adding up. Happy Blog Anniversary -- I've been enjoying your beautiful crafts and knitting.

funsize said...

Hooray for emergency knitting! My measure of a hard day is when I can't muster the energy to knit on the bus/train. My favorite color is and has nearly always been yellow. It's bright and happy, and I'd like to think I'm a little of those two, too. As for bacon, I have some male friends who want to become famous for inventing the "bacon-kini" that cooks in the tanning booth or on the beach. That is their idea of the best of both worlds. Me, I just like to eat it on sandwiches.

Sarah said...

Color: blue
Bacon: so very treyf
Pattern: Arabian Nights & Days at the Woolen Rabbit

tamdoll said...

Pro Turkey Bacon (less calories, can eat more).
Berocco's Blue bird pattern - http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/bluebird/bluebird.html
Love your blog & this is a great idea - I'm going to browse what other people in your comments are knitting now.

jen said...

I love pink. All shades of pink. I'm working on a swallowtail shawl in berry sea silk and I've fallen head over heels with it. bacon isn't pink, not after it's cooked, but it's damned tasty anyway, especially wrapped around some asparagus or prawns. mmmm bacon.

ikkinlala said...

Happy (belated) blogiversary! I'm probably too late, but I'll answer anyway: My favourite colour is blue. I like bacon, but I'm picky about it (we raise our own pork, and I like our bacon, but a lot of the bacon I've had at restaurants is too fatty for my tastes - I like crunch). I don't have a current knitting pattern crush, although I do have several on the to-do list.

Anonymous said...


A drop spindle would enable me to make yarn, wouldn't it? I'm ever so glad you haven't drawn a name for the prize as yet!
My favourite colour: teal.
I am pro bacon. Although someone said they liked bacon IN a sandwich, my favourite is just a plain bacon sandwich - on white bread. (Vegetarians are represented in your comments - but nobody of the Jewish persuasion?)
My current knitting pattern crush is knitting different dishcloths. There are a multitude of dishcloth knitting groups which provide a variety of patterns on a monthly or semi-monthly basis.
I like knitting cloths because of the instant gratification provided. Am going to soon change over to knitting short scarves (ascots) - in order to retain the quick satisfaction effect - and I will probably also use some of the dishcloth patterns when I do.

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(Sorry for being anonymous - Blogger and I cannot agree on what my password is.)

Amy said...

Bacon, bacon bacon. Bacon. You either have to love it or hate it. I seem to be in the first category. True, it can cause controversy (especially among more sensitive "Green Friends")or horror with the friends who are on the never ending dieting cycle! But it to me in a caesar salad, a potato bake or in a bacon and egg mcmuffin! Yum!
And the colour...well...maybe my favourite is not one particular colour but really when several are combined, or in different shades-it just looks beautiful. (Especially in verigated wool!)
And Congratulations on 2 Years, keep at it :)