Apple Flower Shirt

Again and again I demonstrate my inability to follow directions. The Prang kit comes with stencils but you don't iron them on like you do freezer paper stencils (in my defense, there was an iron somewhere in the instructions..) Don't try this unless the look you were going for is a big yellow wax stain on a brand-new shirt. You just tape or pin the stencil on and pat on the paint with a stiff bristle brush. Speedball paints are nice and thick and don't bleed like the Jaquard paints. When making a multi-stencil design, it's important to note the order the stencils should be used, unless you like waiting and redoing a section because you just painted over your carefully applied red apple pits. It really is as exciting as watching paint dry when you are trying to finish your design late at night before your head hits the pillow.

In spite of myself I was able to make a good shirt just in time to give to my sister for her birthday! A little color bleed but overall pretty cute.

Plus a couple of strawberries for the girls. These are a little less cool vintage-berry and a little more country-fair cute but that's ok, the girls love them. I know, matching shirts, but they both want what the other one gets...

American Apparel shirts, Jaquard and Speedball textile paints, vintage Prang stencil kit.

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marianne said...

These look great....talk about sacrifices for ones art....here we all are giving up our precious sleep to satisfy our creative urges..dedicated to the cause or what!