Off the (Rick)Rack

Once (a couple of decades ago) a little girl and her best friend decided to make skirts for themselves. It is noteworthy that they managed to pull this off, as they had almost no sewing skills. (In fact, the best friend’s mother berated the little girl for her inability to thread a bobbin.) The completed drab beige skirts included an elastic waist, itself beyond comprehension considering that they had only before sewn stuffed animals. There was also the copious application of red rickrack.

The girls planned to show off their handiwork at the upcoming school field trip to the museum. As you might predict, the best friend did not show up at said field trip in her home-fashioned skirt. (Undoubtedly, the best friend’s mother, a model of understated fashion and good taste, forbid the best friend from leaving the house in the god-awful creation.)

The little girl feared mocking for her thrift store and hand-me-down wardrobe and she took care not to draw undue attention to herself. Thus, it was noteworthy that she braved waving yards rickrack as fodder for elementary school ridicule. Predictably, her fifth grade classmates mercilessly teased her for her ugly and obviously homemade concoction. And she felt especially betrayed by her best friend. The little girl would not wear anything handmade for many years and still has doubts about her sewing skills.

These dear two girls have no such aversion, and both proudly wear their new skirts, yes, almost matching, but with different lengths, and yes, the rickrack does make an appearance.

One thrifted pillow case (or, as they say in some parts, pillow slip), baby rickrack, elastic, no pattern required.

Also pictured, two 60s Tupperware toys, the very sort that the little girl once played with.


Ms. Brazil said...

Oh- sad story! But happy rose skirt ending. Do you still have the skirt somewhere? I think you should make it into a pillowcase, to celebrate the turn of events.

Sasha said...

I don't know what the little girl did with her skirt, but she didn't keep it.

nuttnbunny said...

Perfectly dreamy skirts. Adding to my "must try that" list.

Nemesis said...

Lovely skirts!