Thrift Score

I have had on my mind the Speedball Deluxe SilkScreen kit, at the art supply store for $65. It would be fun to try silkscreening again but I don't want to spend a bunch on gear right now. I want to make T-shirts, fabric designs, prints and cards.

I used to have some gear about a decade ago. I do remember making photo emulsion screens, but what I printed I can't really say. It was messy and I didn't have many successful prints. I gave some gear to my sister and her boyfriend (at the time) and he made some great band T-shirts by hand painting onto the screens (which is known as the screen filler method, you paint everywhere you don't want the image to be, blocking out the negative space.)

Today I found myself with an unexpected morning without the kids, and instead of cleaning or working on a project (anyone else have trouble getting started when you aren't fighting for a few spare minutes to yourself to cut something out without one kid or the other wanting to help you?) here I am goofing off.

So I went thrift shopping and found this unused circa 1990 Speedball Screen Printing Kit! It is complete and was only 14.99, heehee! Can you tell how excited I am? It's so worth the price for just the screen. Ok, so the cover graphics are really uninspiring (they include the art for the duffel bag and other pictured projects so you too can make one, wheee!) but I will come up with something fun to screen. Elephants maybe? I really have cute elephants on the brain.

And yes, this picture is crap, I don't want to go outside to take one. There is an almost-swarm of confused yellow jackets that have been living in my roof and just got dosed by pest control with somewhat natural (but toxic to them) spray.


nuttnbunny said...

You're right - it's a good thing that I don't write down the list of "things to do". I desperately want to know how to screenprint. Learned intaglio and litho in undergrad but somehow missed the screenprint bus. Please keep us posted :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a student studying graphic design and screen printing has always interested me so much! What a fun kit...i'm off to Ebay to see if I can't find something similar...who woulda thought they'd sell kits?!