Eat Muffins

My 4 year old thinks that I can make anything. Anything that she wants or can think of, such as a halloween costume, a layer cake, a sweater, origami, lollipops, a pinata, bagels, ice cream, yarn, felted slippers... Do you think it's the fact that she's seen me make these and more that perpetuates this conception? Ok, so I am partially to blame. She asked me the other day, "Mamma, when are you going to make cotton candy for me?" Well, that I can't do, but I can make some tasty zucchini muffins with my two little helpers. The linked recipe is not the one I made, because I kinda made it up as I went along/didn't write it down. Mmmm, tasty!

My new goal in life is to invest in several track suits so that when I pass out in my clothes each night right after the kids go to bed, at least I won't wake up at 4am constricted by my bra and jeans. I can feel your envy but this glamorous life is all mine.


Matt W said...

Can I help you pick out the track suits?

Susan said...

I remember those days. Reading the story at bedtime allways did me in- and then I'd wake up fully clothed in Francis' bed at 4am.