A Gift for a Wee Baby

A little bib I made for a sweet new little baby that won't be needing a bib for a while. The pattern is a vintage one I had around the house. I did a little quilt-stitching around in a spiral pattern (far from perfect but it will have to do), added bias tape that I made with my Clover bias tape maker, appliqued on a little apple and leaf, and embroidered a stem. At no time did I have a real clue or plan for what I was trying to make. Given that and my lack of sewing skills I think I did pretty good! Welcome to the world Betty!

Japanese French recipe fabric from Superbuzzy, also cheap cotton chocolate fabric & cotton batting


amandasan said...

super cute!

Anonymous said...

I like the spiral pattern. I don't know what you're talking about, it looks perfect from here. =)


tania said...

cute! I love the clover bias tape maker!! Those are just so clever and makes tape making a breeze!

Sarah said...

Ooh, cute! You're making me want to bust my sewing machine back out.

I've been curious about the bias tape maker - do you like yours? I saw some very cute printed bias tape down at Bolt, but it does seem silly when you can make it to spec.

Ali said...

That's lovely - lack of sewing skills my eye. Lucky baby.