WIP It Out

What am I working on?

Here are two oilcloth lunch-sacks waiting for me to purchase a Teflon Foot for my sewing machine and stitch them up:

I am amassing supplies for some fabric and t-shirt stenciling projects with my new vintage stencil kit...

My hot pink half finished Pomatomus is languishing, because, as I found with my last attempt, it really wants to be fingerless gloves and not socks...

There is a Rowan pattern sweater out of Kidsilk Haze that is half knit and abandoned. I'm not sure about the size even with careful swatching.

I am almost done knitting a Jess Hutch robot.

I really want to make something for my sister's birthday tomorrow (eep!) but I don't yet have a plan.

There may be a few more things that I am intentionally forgetting for now.

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