Mamma Socks

I am making socks for Mother's Day.

Not this shocking pink one, this is the lovely Pomatomus, three pattern repeat complete and ready for a heel flap.

My mom has said, why would anyone knit socks, you can buy socks? So, in need of a gift idea, it became a challenge. Not that I have actually completed a pair of socks. I have knit some partial socks, toe-up and toe down.

I made a pair of Pomatomus to just past the heel in olive green, then noticed an unforgivable error. If you read the pattern, notice how it says the symbols on the chart don't necessarily mean what you think, don't breeze past it like I did. It's a K2togTBL, the TBL being my fatal oversight, so I ripped back and made fingerless gloves, which are lovely, if not true to the pattern.

I am making cotton/lycra socks as I want them to be soft. So we're looking at what, 4 days to Mother's Day, and I am about a third done with one sock. It's gonna be close.

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