Rucola instead of child sausage

While perusing Craftoholic's blog archives I came across a lovely leaf scarf.

I am not fond of 6-foot scarves. I find them overwhelming and unwieldy, so this short model, held together with a vintage brooch, is my idea of darling!

I searched at length on the Brigitte.de site for the free pattern, but seeing as my German consists of "Ich spreche kein Deutsch" (with apologies to my German mom) I was lost.

Eventually I found a blog that linked to the pattern, and used the Google translator: "They must not have necessarily red hair, in order to look good in these cord things." Whew, my drab brunette can still look good in these cord things, yay! I really want to make this for myself in soft cashmere, maybe double (triple?) stranded to get gauge. Deciphering the pattern is still a mystery, and I am guessing that said German mother doesn't have the necessary "Deutsch Stricken" language skills, but we'll see...

The title of this post, as Google-translated from the main Brigitte page, was the heading to an article about being single and having married friends with kids, as best as I could determine. I don't know what that has to do with rucola (arugula?), but I'd take it over child sausage.

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