Sweater Weather

I keep forgetting that it's Summer here. It's not really that warm most days, maybe 70's if we're lucky. Usually we'd have a few days in the 80's in July, but not so far. Maybe that's why I have sweaters on the brain.

I started two sweaters in the past two weeks. First I cast on for Onda from Pompom Quarterly issue 2. But I am knitting on size 2 needles, with dark yarn, so I quickly got bored on the sleeve cap increases....

So then I cast on for the Annabel Cardigan from Quince & Co. This knit up really quick on size 10 1/2 needles. I was done in 3 days. But I kept pulling at the slip stitch edge, trying to make it look less sloppy, and in the end the front edge grew too much, and that part looks unfinished to me. And my bind off defied the promise of being stretchy, it feels constricting at the bottom. So my plan is to re-start the cardi with a different edge treatment and a different cast off. I used less that 2 skeins of yarn, and I had 4, so I am not going to unravel it. The sizing came out just right, so I am using this sweater as my sample and starting again. I am swatching several solutions for the garter edge and bind off.

In the meantime I worked past my boredom with Onda and am now about 5 inches into the body section. There's still a lot of knitting on tiny needles, picking up stitches for the front sections, sleeves, and several hems to go....

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