Waving Lace Socks with Kool Aid Overdye

I seem to be on a knitting binge right now. I made these socks in 2 days over the weekend. Then immediately cast on for a sweater and another pair of socks.

These are Waving Lace from the book Favorite Socks. I actually own a pair of socks in this pattern that I received in a swap, but this was my first time making them. An easy knit, though I made the heel flap shorter than the pattern.

The yarn is Madelinetosh Sock in Tensha Bead, from the thrift store. It's more pastel than I typically like, so I overdyed the socks with Ice Blue Lemonade Kool Aid. This might have worked out better if I'd let the socks soak longer before I dyed them, so it's a bit uneven. I may overdye them one more time to even it out a bit.

I will gift these to one of my sisters.

I have 4 days to make another pair for my older sister's birthday this weekend. Wish me luck!

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