Happy Chois!

What's this we have in the mail? A package from Japan!

From fabulous swapper Jenn, there are candy treats. The flavors? Azuki bean, green tea, and umeboshi delights! I was raised Macrobiotic, so those are like comfort flavors to me, yum!

Coincidentally, Giant Jeans Parlor just reviewed this shaved-ice-matcha-azuki-flavor Kit Kat a few days ago and I was thinking it sounded delicious so imagine my surprise when I received some today!

Note the Casual Ceram platter (I never have enough platters) and diamond pattern fabric, these were thrift store finds today.

But wait, there's more! Fabrics with cute characters!
Ducks that say "Piyo Piyo!"
Bunnies and cats looking out of bus windows! ("We are best friends-go on a school excursion")
I'm not sure what "Happy Chois" is about, but that one is my favorite.
I can't wait to trim some toddler clothes with the unbearable cuteness!

Thanks so much Jenn, you rock!! I hope you enjoy your package as much as I like mine.

More info on International Swapping can be found in my Gimme post and at the Gimme Your Stuff blog.

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