Alone In the City

This one's for you Tasha. Well, how the heck was Chicago, you ask ?

I got there on Thursday afternoon and got sucked into a time warp called "What the he!! was I thinking, the el from O'Hare to the Loop and back up to Lincoln Park and then a mile walk?" When I snapped out of it in front of the hotel, well, three hours had passed. I still can't explain that one. Let's just say the first hotel was a huge letdown after the trek.

I ate yummy food at Sushi Toro
Note to self, stick to what they make best, the sushi (so good!), not some decrepit and overcooked vegetables that no one else would ever order.

And the bar at Frontera Grill
Jessica, thanks for suggesting that I eat at the bar. It was easy to get a seat and yum! Note to self, remember, you don't notice the effect of tequila until you get up from your bar stool. Two drinks is one too many, even if it is tasty mango-mulberry margaritas (try saying that fast.)

Which led me to a tipsy shopping adventure at H & M
Outfits for the whole family!

And Loopy Yarns. Yes, of course there was yarn (vacation money doesn't count like real money, right?), and everyone there was friendly and they wound my yarn for me and carefully individually wrapped in tissue paper. I'm thinking about the Grownup Bonnet from Knit 2 Together in this buttery loveliness.

I also had fun exploring the Art Institute of Chicago.
This place is amazing. Impressionism, Industrial Design, Russel Wright pieces, a Hall of swords and armor.

And the Chicago Cultural Center. Now, I didn't have high expectations of this place, but there was a fun retrospective exhibit of Karl Wirsum artwork.

And it was right by my second hotel, the Monaco, which by the way was fabulous, located right on the Chicago River, downtown near all kinds of fun places. Here is the view from my room.

Oh, and the work bit, it went fine, turns out I don't suck running a trade show booth. It was actually pretty easy and painless.

And getting away from the family for three days, well, love them but that's just priceless (and it was all expensed to the company except the clothes and the yarn, what could be better!)

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nuttnbunny said...

So glad you had a good trip. We MUST coordinate in the future, if only to support a mutual addiction to yarn and further investigate the effects of seated vs. standing tequila ("to-kill-ya" as nuttnhubby calls it) :-)