Pull Me Push You

We had a lot of fun at Bumbershoot yesterday rocking to the likes of Dengue Fever and the New Fangs and I picked up a lovely screenprinted poster at Flatstock (not a rock poster, a flying owl) made by Push Me Pull You Design. But remind me never to eat the carnival style concessions again, even if it is 2pm and I still need breakfast. As we were departing, who should ride up but my awesome brother in his 4 wheeled pedal car (his site doesn't favor Macintosh computers, sorry!), and he kindly gave us a ride the 10 blocks to our car. I was in a hurry to hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot read.

Stephanie was, as expected, an engaging speaker, delightful and funny (ribbing, it's not just functional, it's also fodder for a snappy comeback!), and there I was with a Washington State washcloth burning a hole in my purse. After the talking came the signing and I did get my book signed and passed off the washcloth, to which she offered kind praise. She is a lovely woman in person, and handled her endless line of fans with such grace and a generously friendly demeanor. I even got to hold the traveling sock and the washcloth as she took my picture. Drat, I didn't manage to get a picture of her as the posing got me flustered.

Being the dork that I am, I just discovered that I didn't have to chart the washcloth, the site where I found the Texas washcloth via Google also lists patterns for all of the other states. I must admit, I liked the challenge of charting it for myself, my apologies to residents of the San Juan Islands (hi Barbara!) and other assorted islands for totally omitting you all, I was going for an icon not an accurate depiction, small land masses had to be sacrificed.

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