Looks Like Ground Beef?

(I know, my camera sucks for red, but just look at the leaves!)

It's funny, someone remarked that when I mention this pattern I get a big old grin. I can see that, I love Backyard Leaves (Scarf Style), it is pure pattern magic. It knits up so 3-dimensional, it's a good challenge, it looks fabulous, and it's small enough to justify a really soft and lovely yarn like a cashmere blend. I had time for 6 pattern repeats while on vacation, which is decent progress for all of the unknitting involved, a little one repeat forward, half a repeat backward dance that seems to be my current work style. At the smaller gauge that I am working I figure I have about 18 repeats to go to get the size I am after.

Thanks to those that commented on my previous post, I appreciate the words of support so much! I was thinking about freezer-paper stenciling a Don't Mess With Mamma t-shirt.


keri said...

Ooh how pretty. I've never seen it in red before, I love it!

Melissa said...

Terrific idea for a shirt!!

How do you freezer paper stencil?

Brooke said...

This is fabulous! Oh how I laud the patience of knitters...way to go!