Thrift Score, Heath Ceramics Style

This morning I was late for work, but I figured I'd take a quick run through the thrift store and see if I found anything interesting. I spotted a huge casserole with no lid, and when I turned it over....Heath Ceramics! And a few feet away was a smaller Heath dish.

11 inch casserole!

See the cute fin-shaped handle? I think this piece is called a small or personal casserole, and it is probably missing a lid, but it's still cute and functional without one.

Over in the plate aisle I found three colors of plates in three sizes, and wait, that's the large casserole lid! But there must be some cups...and yes, two cups! I actually stopped back by the store a couple of hours later and found two more cups, but one was cracked so I just bought one more and called it a day, and at 24 pieces for $31!

A bunch of the plates are unmarked, but it's definitely all Heath. I think this glaze is called Sand, similar to the Sand & Sea glaze, but without the dark edge. This is my second big Heath score from the thrift store.

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