Obsessive Thrift Shopper

I go to the thrift store a lot. Like nearly every day. I don't stay more than a few minutes, and I look for specific things. Sometimes I find something good. Many times I leave with nothing. Yesterday was the finding something good kind of day. A skein of yarn that retails for $26 and a bunch of vintage patterns, and really good vintage at that!


Anonymous said...

Nice yarn!

I go once or twice a week. On Friday, I found 'Big Girl Knits' and some very tangled French angora yarn (about 2 10-gram skeins).

Do you 'cook' your thrifty finds to reduce the threat of critters?


Sasha said...

Hi Jora, thanks for the comment. I usually throw thrift store yarn in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer for a few weeks.