Thrift Score Heath Edition

The other day I was at the thrift store and I spotted a little cup and saucer and thought, wow, that's exciting, to find a Heath cup! I turned around and there was a small casserole with lid. I went to the next row and found a few more items. Pretty soon I had a nice little stack of dishes for $25, which is less than the cost of one new Heath plate. Very awesome! I already have a few Heath pieces and I am thrilled to expand my little collection.

And a few days earlier I went by an estate sale and saw a box of vintage sewing patterns with a $1 price tag. I wasn't sure if that was the price for each, but it turned out to be $1 for the full box of patterns, score!

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Supergirl said...

I am 1200% jealous of your find! Heath ceramics are awesome. Great find!