How Many Machines Make a Collection?

I picked up another sewing machine at the thrift store. I saw it and didn't buy it. I pondered it for three days, and then I went back and bought it. It's a Singer 301. 301 A actually, though as far as I can tell the letter A just designates the factory that produced this machine, as there is no difference between this and regular 301 models.

This machine is circa 1951. It's a slant shank, meaning the presser foot is at an angle, which also means that the feet are not interchangeable with my other machines. It is referred to as the "big sister to the Featherweight" because it's lightweight (16 pounds) but full sized, it uses the same bobbins as the Featherweight, and it produces nice straight stitches and only straight stitches. Unlike the featherweight it has an enclosed motor and it's gear driven (no belt.) The folding extension comes in a short or a long length, and mine is a longbed model.

Considering I managed to take 3 machines out of action in the past month it was easy to justify a spare machine (or four!)

And actually, I got one machine working again the other night. I managed to disassemble the bobbin base on my Featherweight with a tiny screwdriver and dislodge a thread jam. For all the things that I have figured out on my own, I am surprisingly intimidated by taking things apart. In the end it was so easy that I kick myself for my reluctance.

And in other news, I was in California this past weekend so I took a little drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and went to the Heath Ceramics Factory Store to check out some of the discounted factory seconds. I picked up a few things that still set me back more than a few pennies. Aren't they pretty?


Erin said...

Pretty stuff, I love your color combo on the pottery!

Brooke said...

I love those vases and the little bowl. Nice machine, I wish our local stores carried such thrifted yumminess!

Jessica said...

I love Heath pottery. So lovely.
I don't know the exact number of machines but I do know that you're there.

Rebecca said...

Heath. MMMMM. My morning coffee is in Heath every day. It's not the same if my favorite cup is in the washer.