Thrift Score-tastic

Sometimes thrift shopping has no payoff. I have had weeks with no good scores. And then every once in a while you really strike gold.

Like this find. I saw the plastic suitcase-like case and thought, well, that can't be anything too interesting, and yet I stopped and spotted the name on the case. Bernina! At $9.99 I nearly ran out of the store with barely stopping to test it out. I mean, even if it's a total dud then the accessories are worth more than ten bucks.

I took this machine in to be serviced since it did have a powering-on issue but all it needed was a good cleaning and a bulb and now it runs like a charm! With the cost of the service it's still a deal, since these sell on eBay for something like $400-$700 or so, but wow, the Bernina maintenance is not cheap!

The 830 Record was made from something like 1972-1982 or thereabouts. It gets you that Bernina quality without the computerized bells and whistles, which is just fine with me! I haven't taken the time properly to sew with it yet. I need to download and print out the manual which is available online for free.

It comes with a nice box of extras, including a walking foot.

And there are more than twenty decorative stitches. It's really everything I need in a sewing machine, so total score!

Each time I bring home a new machine my husband asks, "Now can you hem my pants?" to which I always reply, "Nope, this isn't a freearm." So this time I did have to say, "Why yes I can!"

And by the way, I did get rid of three machines this week, so I am down to only four sewing machines in the house! And I even have plans to get rid of one more, so that will take me down to owning 3 machines: the Bernina 830, the black Singer Featherweight 221, and the black Singer 301A Longbed. If that isn't the perfect little collection of classic sewing machines I don't know what is!

And if that wasn't enough I hit the same store a few days later and scored this Enid Collins bag. I know, pretty flashy, but I love this, and I am actually surprised that this is the first one I've ever picked up at the thrift store. I may give it to my sister, with a nice pair of socks that I am working on tucked inside. I mean, I would be pretty thrilled with that gift combo!


kristin said...

Oh, MY that bag is cute! What a loverly gift. And I am drooling over your 20 decorative stitches, too! Congrats!

Half the time I think I should get you to go thrifting with me for the good luck, but then we might have to arm wrestle for the good stuff.

keri said...

What an amazing score! Lucky you!

Unfurled said...

I can't believe your luck with that Bernina. I have one, and I love it more than my Necchi or Featherweight. You make me miss living in Portland, OR. The thrifting in the NW is UNREAL.

Kim Hood said...

Lucky you! I only ever seem to find bent knitting needles and tangled wool when I look. Perhaps I dont look frequently enough.

The bag is fabulous - I would be thrilled to receive it, even without the extras.

Meg said...

What a great find! That is the exact same machine that my mom gave me (after she upgraded to a computerized fancy Bernina!) I love it! I can't believe you found it for $10!

Jessica said...

That is a thrift score to rival Rebecca's Denyse Schmidt quilts. Wow. You have some seriously good thrift-fu.

Brooke said...

Ooooh that machine is glorious!

Anonymous said...

My husband got me that same machine, in the red case, for $100 at a thrift store in White Center. (It doesn't exist anymore. Sniff.) He was going to the grocery store after Clara was born, and he wasn't supposed to stop anywhere else, but he went to the thrift store. Then he was stuck, because he had to admit he'd done it. But I was very happy!

I thought $100 was a good deal, but you did way better. I sew everything on that machine and I love it.

Cheryl (from Purlygirls)

Jess said...

My Mum just gave me her Bernina for my birthday! Exactly the same as yours! My Dad gave it to her for a wedding present 35 years ago!!! Start sewing with it! It is a dream to sew with!!!

Edna Scott said...

i have always wanted to have a small sewing machine..i always wanted to make things..and it was also very very cute

Anonymous said...

I bought my wife this nice machine the other day and you say the manual is online for free do you have the address for the free manual she loves it her $900 kenmore is history
thank you