Slogging Away

I decided that my Brunswick cardigan was turning out too long, and in addition the button band was pulling the front of the sweater out longer than the back. So I took some scissors to it and picked back up the stitches (wow, does it take a while to pick out and pick up those stitches at this gauge in a bottom-up sweater!) and restarted the ribbing. As I am skipping the 1 x1 ribbed button band edge on this re-knit version of the bottom ribbing and it's not pulling the front out so long, so I think it will be an improvement.

And spinning yarn at school the other week went wonderfully, with most kids getting the hang of it amazingly well in under an hour! A couple of kids took their drop spindles along to the playground to keep working. So. Cute. And here is the leftover wool, made into some quick felted balls.

I've also been organizing knitting supplies (wow, how did I end up with seven #6 circular needles? I have a ton of needles! ) And I frogged eight projects, including an almost complete shawl and four barely started hats that I was never going to complete. Feels good to not have a bunch of projects laying around that I don't intend to complete!

All that remains are three (almost complete) blue sweaters and a blue shawl that I am currently working on.


soknitpicky said...

Wow! That was brave! I've done that before, but I did use a lifeline before pulling out the scissors. Still, it was a bit scary.

I love that you've rescued a WIP that's been waiting for awhile and are so close to finishing! It's good inspiration for me to get to my own languishing WIPs.

JQ said...

I was just gonna pop in ans say Oh you BRAVE BRAVE soul. Scissors. I still can't bring myself to have them anywhere near my knitting. But I don't do a lot of it so when I do it's like precious treasure.

I'll bet it's totally worth it to get the effect you want after putting in all that time and effort. :)