Someone is wearing the skirt that I knit for her as a poncho!

This Friday I am teaching a small group of K-5th grade kids to spin, using drop spindles. Since I can't afford to buy them each a spindle I decided to make some.

I considered making spindles with CDs, but then found instructions for using wooden wheels intended for toy making. The wheels are 2 1/2 inches across, and I used 3/8 inch dowels and sawed them down to 10 inch lengths. The dowels were a little too big in diameter, so I had to sand one end until it fit through the wheel, and then glued them in place. I drilled the holes for the cup hooks but managed to break a drill bit in a dowel, and also split open a dowel trying to screw in a cup hook. Of eight attempted drop spindles I ended up with six, which is exactly how many I needed.

The final cost was $15, including a discount that the woodworking store gave to me (yay!) which works out to $2.50 a spindle, so totally affordable!

Anyone have tips for spinning with kids? Wish me luck!


kkuntz said...

I did the same thing a few years ago with the toy wheels. I had the kids play with some fiber first, spinning with their fingers, and drafting while spinning against their leg. Moving to spindles, I had them spin, park, draft. In other words, start with a leader and a bit of fiber in hand, give the spindle a twist, Park the spindle between the knees, focus on the draft with both hands, then repeat.

Sasha said...

kkuntz, thanks for the great ideas! The lesson went extremely well.

JQ said...

This is great! I'm a huge fan of kids learning how to spin! Whenever I am spinning in a public place they come and watch and ask all kinds of questions about the spindle. They also dig the wheel, when it's out at events. :) My 2 year old son is transfixed by it.

Parking the spindle between my knees while drafting is exactly how I learned!

Anonymous said...
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