Twirly Girls

My eight year old wondered today about what ever happened to the twirly skirts I started for her and her sister back in October 2009. I was inspired to make these because of an argument they had over who owned the twirly-est skirt. I knit these skirts in a few weeks but never bothered with some simple finishing that took all of five minutes.

What actually happened is that the girls picked out the yarn, asked often when they would be finished, and then when I asked them to try them on to check the elastic sizing they were spectacularly uninterested in their skirts, so I chucked them in the closet and forgot about them.

I went down a needle size, and I think I knit some extra rows to lengthen the skirt for my six year old, but forgot to do the same for my eight year old, so hers is actually smaller. Ooops.

I also forgot to do the yarnovers for the eye cord tie on the second skirt, but then I decided to go with elastic instead. Since I had the holes on the first skirt for the ties, I instead sewed a decorative ribbon bow to cover the elastic that showed through.

Of course my eight year old insisted on a bow too, but with really long ties.

My kids actually expressed dismay that the pattern includes yarnover holes at the color changes, but since they always insist on pants under their skirts it's really not much of an issue.

Here they demonstrate the twirl action:

Barefoot Knits Twirly Skirt
Ravelry link
Link to free pattern PDF

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Jessica said...

I remember those! They came out very cute. And twirly.