Quilting with Kids

It's school auction season once again, and that means a sewing project with about thirty-three 5-8 year olds for the school raffle. I worked along with another mom to make this quilt in about 3 weeks. I sewed the last bit of binding on this morning and the auction is tomorrow, whew!

The kids each drew a 6 x 6 picture (the theme was faces, and a few chose to do a picture of something other than a face, which was totally fine too) and transferred it to a scratch foam block, and printed the image on a 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 piece of tea dyed cotton fabric. The resulting blocks were machine sewn together by the kids.

I put my 7 year old daughter to work to sew the quilt back, and that just left the quilting around each print and the binding for the adults to sew. I love that one square of Japanese fabric on the back for a little surprise.

Originally we had ambitious plans for pieced blocks and sashing, but due to unexpected time constraints we scaled back to something a bit more manageable, and I am really satisfied with the result. I wish I had a better picture of the prints. They are so many cute designs, like the alien faces, the cat and dog faces, and a pickle face!

My daughter requested that I purchase as many raffle tickets as possible so that we have a chance of winning. I pointed out that it was possible for us to sew another quilt for ourselves, but maybe she knows me well enough to know that the is little chance that would happen any time soon.

final size: about 42 x 58 (a nice little lap quilt)
cotton batting from the thrift store
tea dyed cotton from Stitches

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soknitpicky said...

Gorgeous and brilliant! Heck, I wanna buy a raffle ticket and it's not my kid! :-)

Loved your idea about letting kids spin yarn and then knitting a cowl for their teacher. If I could spin, I would have definitely stolen that idea!