Bobble Weather

Today was rainy, then sunny, and now it looks like rain again. I need a nice snuggly sweater.

I started Forecast in January of '08, and it's been sitting in a bag ever since I knit down past the underarms and then had to make a decision about when to start the waist ribbing. I really am that indecisive sometimes.

Once I tried it on again I started the ribbing where I left off, and I think it's going to work out OK, though I may go back and shorten the ribbing by an inch or so, and try and cast off a little more loosely.

The sleeves have gone pretty quickly so far, but yesterday I knit for two hours, then noticed I messed up the sleeve ribbing and ripped back. Today I though I saw a problem, ripped back three inches, and then realized that the part I had just ripped was not a mistake. Time to re-knit the same part once again!

I love this color so much! You may notice that this looks like some really wonky garter stitch, but it's something in the shadows and how my camera interpreted the stitches. I swear it looks way better in real life, though I do admit to a little laddering from the DPNs. But I think it will block out nicely.

So it's just a bit further on the sleeves and then some button bands. I'm in the home stretch for my first adult sweater! Maybe another week or so and it will be ready to wear!

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