Sweater Kit

Last night was the school auction that I helped to coordinate. There were some pretty crazy moments and plenty of drama, including being locked out of the auction space and breaking in to the building to do the setup. And a little later someone (not me, but related to me) climbed a ladder and got up on a second story ledge and hoisted their way into a casement window. Today I have that dragging hangover that comes from physical exhaustion and running up and down a flight of stairs in 1940s platform heels.

Anyway, the knitting. I picked back up a project that I started way back in.. wow, May of 2008. A 1960s sweater knitting (and skirt) kit that I scored along with two other kits at a Goodwill auction. I am making the cable yoke cardigan.

As you can see I'm off to a slow start. I only knit about an inch on it last year, so most of this is progress in the past two weeks. I know, it's not much to look at in it's scrunched up glory. Right now I'm about 10 inches in and I have about 3-4 more inches until I hit underarm land. Oh right, I forgot, that means I'll be needing a pair of sleeves soon.

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