And Nobody Cares Who You're Friends With On Facebook

So, I went to get dressed the other morning. I picked out an Anthropologie tee that ties at the neck (purchased on clearance, I don't have that kind of a clothes budget!) I went to tie the ties and they were scissored off. So I rounded up the likeliest suspects, ages 5 and 6. It went something like this:

"Does anyone know why the ties were cut off of my shirt?"

"Oh no momma, it wasn't me!" "Me either!"

"Hmm...I wonder if maybe you needed some string and you didn't realize what you were cutting?"

"Yeah that's it momma, we just wanted some string, we didn't know if was your shirt!"

It must have been hard for my darlings to find something string-like, especially considering how the house is covered in heaping piles of yarn, sigh.


Jessica said...

You have budding refashionistas. Neck-ties are so last week.

amanda said...

ah, yet another tale of your glamorous life.

Jeanne said...

OMG. That is so funny!

Ms. Brazil said...