Elf Slippers

I finally got around to turning this...

Into this...

You guessed it Jen, it is slippers! My little elf loves them, and the Malabrigo felts up so lovely and soft. I wanted to see the garter stitches disappear a bit more, but my daughter actually loves the look of it. These felted down just right for her size, about a 13 or so.

Felted Slippers in Children's size (14 stitches)
scraps of leftover Malagrigo
I think I used US size 8 clover DPNs

And progress continues slowly on the first bird mitten. Hoping to have at least one finished this month. Since it snowed today, who knows when I might still need some cosy mittens?


Jeanne said...

So very cute and adorable!! I love them!

Ms. Brazil said...

Sasha- how do I mend moth eaten sweaters? And how do you suggest I salvage year from the sweaters by taking them apart? (they are not hand made)- but two are cashmere.

Thanks chickkie!