Mittens Not Bombs?

We had a couple of friends over for Friday crafternoon this week (Happy Birthday Melissa!) and made bath bombs. I used a Martha Stewart recipe, but I made them with Witch Hazel instead of water. I like this combination as it's harder to accidentally make a foaming mess. I went a little overboard with the colors so these are pretty bright. There's blue lavender, yellow lemon, and pink geranium. The slight cracking is probably because I put these on the counter by the hot stove and they dried too quickly.

Cake store molds
Martha Stewart recipe

And I did get a start on something mittenish today. It's a lovely free pattern, A Bird in the Hand. (the link is to the PDF) It's hard to tell that this is brown and light grey yarn (darn Wintertime picture taking!) and that was after abandoning my original planned color combo for a substitute from the stash with better contrast. See how it says "fly"?

I really can't get the hang of the two handed colorwork. Does anyone have a resource to recommend? I do both colors in my left hand, and it actually works pretty well other that having to untwist the yarns every so often, but I feel like I am knitting this the *wrong* way, which frankly seems pretty stupid when I say it now, since I like the end result and it works for me.


amanda said...

I learned how to do it from the videos on knittinghelp.com. I say videos because before I was ready to hold one yarn in each hand, I had to learn how to do a continental knit stitch so I watched the video on continental knitting over and over until it made sense. The 2 color stranded knitting video is here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/advanced-techniques

Jessica said...

Meg Swansen holds both yarns in her left hand and I doubt anyone would say she's doing it wrong. Nancy Bush holds them both in her right hand. Do whatever works for you.

Jessica said...

Philosopher's Wool also has good two-handed knitting videos on their site.

Jeanne said...

I learned the two handed method from the Philosopher's Wool book.

Also the bath bombs are neat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I hadn't had a chance to catch up with your blog till now, sheesh, where does the time go anyway? Now the recipe is right there, awesome. Thanks again for a wonderful crafternoon!