Thrifty Scores & Other Fun

If you know me at all, you know I love to thrift shop. Now, I'm not a hard-core digger, I'm more of a frequent dabbler. But I still find my fair share of goodies.

Like vintage sewing patterns...

I already cut out the fabric to make two of this girls skirt.

And a framed picture of two ladies playing croquet, just because.

And look at what fun vintage crafty magazines the lovely Ms Brazil kindly brought to me. You are a sweetie!

Any book that instructs you to shave a monkey is pure gold!

And another treat that I picked up for myself, this one is from Kinokuniya. I have been meaning to get this lovely title for a long time, Machine Made Patchworks.


Jessica said...

So are you telling me you plan to shave your monkey? 'Cause that's kind of TMI.

Ms. Br4Z1L said...

That one McCalls pattern looks ancient! Now you need a boy! Dapper Dan. he he.