One Done and Another Started

So I finished the Hemlock Ring on Monday. The cast off alone took four hours, but I'm pretty happy with the result. I know, it's a big old blob. As soon as I figure out what to use for a blocking surface I will get it blocked and do a real post about it.

So I immediately cast on for Riding To Avalon from Knitscene Fall 2008.

There was a bit of a false start because I noticed four rows in that I had twisted the stitches when I joined, so I was in fact knitting a Mobius and not a sweater, but I was able to rip back and save my 222 stitch cast-on, so it's all good.

I know, another blue sweater on the needles, right? How many unfinished blue sweaters does that make? Um, nevermind, I really think I will finish this one. And I'm using Silky Wool, yum!

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kristin said...

Hey stranger! I miss you! I blocked my hemlock ring on my bed; it was the only space big enough.

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