Things That Suck Time

Thoughts about the Hemlock Ring:

Even though this pattern is hard to mess up, it is still possible in my hands to do an extra knit 2 together and skip a yarnover and not notice for 10 rows. I know, it even surprises me.

It is possible to take the whole thing off the needles, rip back, put it back on the needles and then realize that the problem was another five rows back.

Brooklyn Tweed knit to row 55 on the feather-and-fan chart. I was at row 55 before ripping out and this thing isn't near big enough for a lap blanket except for a baby. I apparently knit at a much tighter gauge.

I am going to knit beyond the end of the chart to make this big enough.

It is going to require some very severe blocking to pull this flat.

Other thoughts:

It is possible to go to the U-Pick patch (after calling ahead to make sure it's picking season) for an hour and only find 18 cent worth of semi-ripe blueberries.

If you spend an hour or two making pretty green leaf prints with a hammer and some fabric and then set and wash them, you will learn that the sun can still fade them to an ugly light brown in a matter of hours as they dry on the clothesline.

I waste a lot of time screwing things up.


Ms. Br4Z1L said...

I picked up something awesome for you!! Will you be home Saturday or Sunday- I can deliver it cuz I will briefly be in town :)

Jeanne said...

I did the same thing. And I had a friend's baby along--fun times!!

Brenda said...

Great work.