A Big and Cozy Doily

Done, the Hemlock Ring Doily Throw!

I did have to take the whole thing off of the needles twice to rip back and fix errors. Because I have no attention span. And even though I claimed more than once that it was nearly impossible to screw up this pattern, I did screw up good at least three times. There is still an error that I can't fix at this point, but overall I think it's pretty cozy and lovely.

I knit past the end of the feather and fan chart from the Rainey Sisters. Then I went looking for another chart and found one on the Yahoo KAL Group, and I knit to the end of that chart and called it good.

It did look pretty small when I finished casting off (over two days no less!) but after much blocking it's over four feet across. Since I don't have a blocking board I washed the throw, stretched it and let it air dry, then pinned and steamed one section at a time on my ironing board, and then decided that wouldn't do it and stretched it across my bed and pinned and sprayed it and let it dry. It's not as flat as I would like but it will do nicely.

This is my first feather-and-fan and my biggest knitted object, yay and whew!

1 3/4 skeins Cascade Ecological Wool in gray
about three weeks plus another week to get around to blocking it
US size 10 needles (metal, ouch!)


amanda said...

damn - that's a big doily!!! looks great though :)

Jessica said...

It looks great.

kristin said...

Beautiful! Nicely done. :)

I'm a little jealous. Mine became a disaster of such magnitude that I actually threw it in the garbage. Let's just say that using up the huge pile of wool-ease inherited from my mom did NOT work out. When I pulled out the needles the whole thing sprang back to its pre-blocking state. Someday I'm going to try again.

tiennie said...

It is beautiful!

Ms. Br4Z1L said...

Are you a SPIDER? Its amazing!

Meg said...

It looks lovely! Nice work!