On Finding the Good Stuff

It's a disorder. I must thrift shop. I would stop, but I keep finding cool stuff. And really, I think that the thrift shop smell is not nearly as bad as the smells on the bus, which I have been riding A LOT. Because I loaned my car to my mother. And apparently she doesn't want to give it back.

So here's this week's haul...

Smocking and a kerchief? Lovely.

Fitted or babydoll? Cute!

I think I already have a copy of the coat pattern. Check out the puffy sleeve ends on the dress, very cool.

Oh, the Cobbler Apron. What's not to love, apron + many pockets, yay! And see that wild fabric? It must be a good 2 yards or more.

And who doesn't love Rowan yarn? 10 skeins of Cotton Tape, 2 of Plaid, and one plus a little bit more of Tuft.

Not a bad haul for about $12.

I think the Plaid would make a nice hat, something like An Unoriginal Hat or Cool from the Rowan Plaid Collection book. And I can make something for the kids with the Tape, but what to do with a skein of Tuft? Hmm...


nicole said...

Rowan from a thrift store? Holy moly, you hit the motherload. Love the patterns too!

Ms. Br4Z1L said...

I heart the coats!

Traci said...

I had the cobbler apron pattern a few years back and used it to make outfits for my girl. I love these old patterns.

ambika said...

Oh, the smocked one is definitely my fave. What a haul!